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Homes and Services has been operating as a reliable and reputable support service for residential and commercial for more than 10 years. Our business is based on ethical conduct, skillful experienced staff and tradesmanship with strong working partnerships with both our corporate and residential clients.


personal touch

All our customers are treated with respect and empathy.

prompt response

We return calls and enquiries promptly.

Efficent Service

Our systems and processes are professional and cost-effective.

Great reviews

Don’t just take our word for it!

We go above and

We always try to exceed your expectations.

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    She was great, very friendly, did not stop – made me tired watching her! Please feel free to send her again, thanks.

    - David Harmour

    It was wonderful to have a sympathetic ear in Gen at the end of the line when I was being overwhelmed with housework with a newborn on board, a toddler and a busy kindergartener. In a trying labour market, she found us help that meant we could get on top of things and make a dent in the never ending pile of laundry and spend a bit of quality time with the kids instead of worrying about dishes .

    - Alexandra, Maroubra