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If you are laid up through injury or illness, have a temporary disability, and have insurance that covers you for assistance to support you having a normal fulfilling life, we can help you manage the things you need to do, to keep your life on track with a lifestyle assistant.

Our clients find having a little assistance, makes a huge difference. Whether it’s carrying shopping, a bit of assistance with steps, or someone to drive you around doing errands, we can help make your life a little easier.

  • Fitness, including tailored programmes and equipment to keep you active
  • Diet, including advice on how to maintain a healthy weight and improve your wellbeing
  • Leisure, including social catch ups with friends, or getting some fresh air,
  • Advice on planning and transport to fun activities and outings that suit your interests and abilities
  • health related visits to doctors or health professionals
  • Helping maintain contact with your community.

Everyday activities

We can help you maintain your independence, and help you keep or achieve control over the different parts of your life. This might include shopping trips, trips to services (to renew car rego etc) and even attending community events.

Fitness programmes

Our team can develop a fitness programme that is a match to your abilities and interests, and support you to stick to it. This might include things like regular swimming, or working out at home with some basic equipment.

Dietary advice

We can give you dietary advice that is tailored to your needs, and help you to make healthy choices. This might include advice on portion sizes, or choosing healthier snacks.

Leisure pursuits

We can support you to get involved in activities that you enjoy, and help you to make the most of your hobbies. This might include things like going for walks, or attending social events, or just having a bit of company!

Carers support

If you are a carer, we understand how important it is to have some time for yourself. We can provide respite care, so you can have a break. We can also provide support and advice on self-care, and refer you to other organisations that can help.

We understand that everyone is different, so we offer a personalised and friendly client service to suit your needs. We can provide a range of assistance of as much or as little support as you need.

If you would like to find out more about our lifestyle assistance services, please get in touch.

Please note we do not provide personal assistance such as showering or toileting.

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    She was great, very friendly, did not stop – made me tired watching her! Please feel free to send her again, thanks.

    - David Harmour

    It was wonderful to have a sympathetic ear in Gen at the end of the line when I was being overwhelmed with housework with a newborn on board, a toddler and a busy kindergartener. In a trying labour market, she found us help that meant we could get on top of things and make a dent in the never ending pile of laundry and spend a bit of quality time with the kids instead of worrying about dishes .

    - Alexandra, Maroubra